Work on a power plant does not end with connecting the power plant to the distribution grid and starting production. Our company runs a photovoltaic operation center (POC), to which a power plant is connected and through which the power plant is controlled.

The technological experience of our specialists enables us to offer comprehensive service related to the operation of a solar power plant and for the owners of the plant. The aim is to take over the care of the power plant, freeing the investor having to provide care for the lifetime of the plant, that is, 25 years.

We offer the following activities associated with power plant operation:

  • Day-to-day supervision of the plant through its own operations center, which our operators run 365 days a year in shift mode (7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. in the summer and 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. in the winter); Monitor the functional and output parameters of the power plant, weather information, communicate with technicians, distribution companies, security agencies, and remotely control the power plant, etc., the operations center is a unified communication center for power plant operation.
  • HOTLINE support
  • The operations center provides remote management of the power plant (or the key technology of the inverter and the HV part)
  • Meter reading of produced electricity, incl. billing for electricity produced
  • Continuous optimization of the plant to achieve maximum efficiency for the investor, analysis of the entire plant’s production as well as its individual parts (according to inverters)
  • Insurance of operation of plant operation (property insurance and non-production insurance), coverage of insurance risks and settlement of claims in the case of an insured event
  • Grounds maintenance – grass mowing on the property, chemical maintenance of land to eliminate vegetation growth, maintenance of fencing and entrance gates
  • Regular monthly inspection of the power plant on site by our staff
  • Removal of snow from solar panels in the winter months
  • Regular annual inspections of the entire power plant and supporting technologies (EZS, CCTV and monitoring)
  • Regular annual preventive checks of inverters and HV transformer stations
  • Resolving claims with panel and inverter technology manufacturers
  • Preventive inspections – Thermal measurements, measurement of VA panel characteristics, string measurement, PVP technical auditing
  • Repairs of both central and decentralized inverters, transformer station repairs
  • Audits of documents related to the legal obligations of the electricity producer and corrective measures for identified deficiencies
  • Washing solar panels with nanotechnology products and removing snow from panels in the winter months
  • Audits of documents relating to fire safety standards, corrective measures
  • Regular, daily checks of the camera system
  • Post-warranty service of all parts of the power plant, including securing of repairs
  • Regular daily reporting for investors with respect to electricity generation and monthly reporting of all events at the power plant
  • Regular reporting to state authorities – especially ERUs and OTEs
    • Communication with the HV distributor (ČEZ) in the event of a power grid failure
  • Connection of the PVP to the security agency desk, supervising the security agency
  • Reporting to the financing bank
  • Daily maintenance (365 days a year) of the operations logbook recording all the events at the power plant
  • Assuming the role of responsible representative under the amendment to Act no. 131/2015, Energy Act.
  • Ensuring regular inspections according to ČSN (electrical inspection, inspection of lightning conductors and earthing system, inspection of fire extinguishers)
  • Providing entry to the state inspection authorities at the site of the power plant – in particular the employees of the Energy Regulatory Office or the State Energy Inspection
  • Web access for the client to monitor the operation of the power plant in English
  • Complete bookkeeping (VAT, financial statements) incl. accounting audit
  • Archiving all technological and non-technological data related to the operation of the power plant